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It's the Friends opening credits, but Ross is drowning

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The cast of Friends might be there for you, but was anyone there for Ross when he drowned in this alternate version of the show’s opening credits? The edit, which comes via comedy writer and editor Ryan Mazer, shows poor Ross Geller dying in the famous, apparently freakishly deep fountain behind that even more famous orange couch while his “friends” are busy posing for the camera. The loss of Ross in this mini-clip is almost creepily in tune with the news that Netflix will be losing Friends to its cooler, flashier, and more loaded enemy, HBO Max. With so much change going on, Ross might wish he wasn’t on a break at the moment.


While superfans of the massively-liked show are going to have to either shack up with the new streaming service or develop a personality that doesn’t involve the ‘90s sitcom, Friends will at least still be around for future generations to watch “The One Where...” or “The One With....” Besides, Ross is maybe one of the most-disliked characters for whatever reason, so maybe this video is to your liking? Regardless, there’s apparently a frickin’ genie bottle at the bottom of the fountain so someone tell the cast to stop making googly eyes at Ugly Naked Guy and make some wishes instead.

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