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Illustration for article titled Its Rumor Time:i /iWill Rosario Dawson play Ahsoka Tano in season 2 of iThe Mandalorian/i?
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Ahsoka Tano could be coming to The Mandalorian, according to new reports. Per SlashFilm, the Disney+ Star Wars series recently cast Rosario Dawson to appear as the beloved Jedi Padawan. This will be the first live-action appearance of the popular apprentice, who has only appeared in The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels. The outlet confirmed the casting with “two independent sources,” though Disney+, Dawson, and Mandalorian execs have yet to publicly confirmed the casting.


Fans have campaigned dutifully for this casting since 2017, when Dawson expressed interest in playing the role on Twitter. The character has garnered a major fan following thanks to her appearances in comics, video games and a dedicated novel. While its unclear as to how Ahsoka specifically fits into The Mandalarian’s story, the idea of writer and director Dave Filoni bringing the character that he co-created into this realm isn’t totally unlikely.

Disney confirmed back in February that The Mandalorian will return this October. Time will tell if that date will have to shift with all production halted. We’ll keep our eyes wide open for any new developments.

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