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UPDATE: The new season of The Clone Wars has a premiere date and trailer

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Originally published on 01/05/20 at 02:32 PM. - Ed.

Back in 2018, before Disney+ even had a name, we learned that Disney was planning to release a new season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on its then-upcoming streaming service. It was a surprising move, since Cartoon Network had already killed Clone Wars, Disney had already dumped its unaired final season on Netflix, and the show’s official website had already shared some unreleased clips and storyboard sequences from episodes that would never get made, so it seemed like the show was definitely done. Still, people love those Clone Troopers and writer Dave Filoni insists that people love breakout Clone Wars character Ahsoka, so Disney definitely saw something it could squeeze some money out of in that fan following.


That brings us to now, with Comic Book Resources (via /Film) reporting that a leaked promo video from Disney+ has revealed that this new season of Clone Wars will premiere in February 17. The catch is that the original video has apparently been scrubbed from the internet, so we can’t corroborate this news, but Disney could be eager for some more Star Wars streaming content to land sooner rather than later now that The Mandalorian is done. Again, though, it is just a rumor at this point. Also, don’t get too attached to those Clone Troopers. Ahsoka lives forever, but those guys... go through some stuff in the movies.

UPDATE—1/22/20, 10:12 AM CST: Weeks after the initial rumors, Disney+ has finally confirmed a premiere date for the long-awaited final season of the animated series. Fans will be happy to learn that Clone Wars will, in fact, return next month, February 21. The streaming giant even released a new trailer for the upcoming season, which you can feast your eyes on below.

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