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It's possible Tom Hardy could be playing Elton John

With development ramping up on Rocketman, the previously reported “biographical musical fantasy” based on the fictional musical fantasy that is Elton John’s life, Internet talk has begun on who can properly portray Sir Elton. And naturally, that talk has now turned to Tom Hardy, because at some point, all Internet talk turns to Tom Hardy. “Right now, the project is out to Tom Hardy. That doesn't mean they've made him a formal offer yet, or even that he's interested, but it's an intriguing possibility,” says HitFix, echoing a certain, fervent faction of the Internet that finds the merest possibility of Tom Hardy brushing his teeth intriguing, and whose devotion we are all too happy to exploit. Anyway, choosing Hardy over, say, a clearly primed and ready Justin Timberlake would certainly be unexpected. But we remind you that only a man of Hardy’s physical prowess could accurately capture the composing of “Crocodile Rock,” a song Elton John wrote after wrestling crocodiles.


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