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Screenshot: Year Of The Rabbit

As IFC’s Year Of The Rabbit nears its conclusion, Inspector Eli Rabbit (a perfectly cast Matt Berry) finds himself on the other side of the law—well, more so than usual. Rabbit has either been framed for murder most foul, or perhaps he’s just finally gone off the deep end. In this exclusive clip, Mabel (Susan Wokoma) passionately makes the case for Rabbit’s innocence before swiftly adjusting the odds.

But the chief inspector (Alun Armstrong), who’s also Mabel’s adopted dad, is going to need more than just her word to clear Rabbit of murder charges. Enter Strauss (Freddie Fox), the third leg in Year Of The Rabbit’s crime-solving trio, who tries to go the more forensic route of comparing Rabbit’s handwriting with that of the actual killer. Strauss fails to convince the rest of the police department, but the sight of Matt Berry cheerfully standing next to a blood-soaked banner, wishing someone a morbid happy birthday, justifies the effort.


The fight to clear Rabbit’s name has just begun, but Year Of The Rabbit season one comes to an end on Wednesday, March 25 at 10:30 p.m. ET on IFC.

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