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Much to the chagrin of all seven people who bought them, it looks like 3-D TVs will no longer be one of the technologies of the future. According to Variety, electronics company Vizio has dropped 3-D support from its 2014 lineup of televisions, just the latest harbinger that 3-D television is all but over. Instead, the company is focusing on Ultra HD TVs, which provide four times the resolution of regular HD. Those sets will support Netflix’s newly developed 4K content, which right now basically amounts to the upcoming second season of House Of Cards.


Back in the innocent days of 2010, 3-D televisions were spotlighted as the next big thing in TV manufacturing. The trend never really caught on, however, partially due to the lack of content—but mostly due to the fact that wearing 3-D glasses in your house feels really stupid. ESPN shut down its 3-D channel last year, and Vizio’s decision looks to be the final nail in the coffin. Perhaps now Vizio can dedicate its resources to developing the flying cars, hoverboards, and powerlacing shoes that Back To The Future II promised us would be around by 2015.

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