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It's International Dog Day, which means it's time to watch a bunch of corgis run a corgi race

Photo: Mark Ralston (Getty Images)

On this International Dog Day, the humble corgi has come together as a breed to ensure all of humanity appreciates their unique qualities. Leaving the Corgi Council with an unanimous decision, the stumpy-legged dogs packed their bags, boarded a flight, and arrived at Washington’s Emerald Downs race track to delight us all with the image of a bunch of them running as fast as they can.

Here, for your consideration, is a corgi race.


The Buzzfeed News clip above was taken from the event and it, we are happy to say, is exactly what you’d expect. The finest canine racers were assembled on a track usually used for horses and, once let loose by their guardians, hauled fluffy ass toward a finish line. Some of the dogs sped forward in a straight line; others took a few detours to run into each other and do a bit of butt-sniffing.

An ESPN video shows the race from greater remove, allowing viewers to note the specific running strategies employed by the dogs. Here we see a variety of approaches to racing that include running forward, running diagonally, and running into competitors. The first of these, it turns out, works best.

The winner, according to Buzzfed News, was a 3 year-old named Angus Phan.If you’re curious about what the rest of these athletes are called, @HelloSamLloyd has assembled a welcome appendix to the videos above, introducing us to a series of corgi race names that include such distinguished titles as “Noodle McFluffins,” “Bruce Corgsteen,” “Mr. Beanz Sir Wigglebutt,” “Tyrion,” and “Worgi.”


Regardless of names or winners, the corgis made an excellent showing. By both accomplishing a task and doing it in a way that makes human observers happy to look at, they’ve summed up the essence of doghood for another year. Good work, corgis. Good work, dogs.


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