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It's Hilary Swank vs. The Robo-Mommy in the tense new trailer for Netflix's I Am Mother

Netflix’s slate of high-concept original films has been a pretty hit-or-miss proposition over the last few years; sometimes you get a nasty little genre surprise like the clumsy but effective Bird Box, but just as often, you’re landing in Bright or The Cloverfield Paradox territory. It remains to be seen which category Sundance success story I Am Mother—in which Hilary Swank is forced to compete for a young woman’s trust with the vaguely sinister robot that raised her—falls into, but if the trailer is anything to go by, at least it’ll be a pleasantly tense affair of man-machine maternal mayhem.


Mother is a first-time feature from director Grant Sputore, who manages to put some fairly nifty robot effects up on the screen while amping up all sorts of questions about his character’s motives. It also looks to have an intriguingly unhinged performance from Swank, attempting to convince young Clara Rugaard that while, sure, the Rose Byrne-voiced Mother seems nice, that’s just what all the sentient iPods with giant metal arms want us to think—right before they crush us in a loving embrace, subjecting us to the endless playlist that is death.

I Am Mother arrives on Netflix on June 7.