Photo: Getty Images

Movie premieres are typically boring, stuffy things. While it’s no doubt exciting for the cast and crew of a new film to celebrate the public unveiling of their hard work, the press coverage of famous people getting their pictures taken in nice clothes is usually pretty boring.

Well, not last night’s Aquaman premiere, which saw Hawaiian star Jason Momoa and other members of the film’s cast perform a dang haka dance on the red carpet.


Momoa, alongside cast members including New Zealand’s Temuera Morrison, began the dance by striding purposefully in front of fans and press, holding a quickly broken Aquaman trident in one hand and shrugging off his suit jacket and necklace. For the next two minutes, he and the others danced the Māori “Ka Mate,” a popular haka performed by New Zealand rugby teams, the All Blacks and Kiwis, before matches.

It ruled. Instead of a procession of actors and crew posing on their way into the theater, Momoa and the others celebrated the movie’s release with what looks like honest-to-god excitement.

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