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It's Friday, so here's a story about a Catwoman impersonator pepper-spraying a fake Ozzy Osbourne

It’s been a depressing week full of enervating sequel, remake, and board-game-movies-with-Adam-Sandler news, continued ratings woes for shows you like, and even a couple of awful suicides. So push off into the weekend with this story of an Ozzy Osbourne impersonator who got into character by getting drunk and “rambling nonsense” [pause for obligatory "Sure… 'impersonator'"] then started harassing his fellow Hollywood Blvd. players with an alien pal until they were finally put down by a Catwoman wielding pepper spray. Catwoman’s version of that story is backed up in the below news report by a guy dressed as Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka and an excited Captain America who acts out much of the incident. There are certainly a lot of things going on here. Enjoy those things. [via Moviefone]


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