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It's Friday, so here's a photo of David Hasselhoff sitting on KITT while dressed as a pirate

It's the end of another week of the sort of serious, contemplative analysis of pop culture that we provide here at The A.V. Club. Ergo, here's a photo of David Hasselhoff dressed as a pirate while sitting on the car from Knight Rider.

Normally, it would be unfortunate that there are facts to explain this. However, in this case Hasselhoff is dressed as Captain Hook because he's starring in a London-based pantomime production of Peter Pan, and even knowing that, there is still no discernible reason for why his old talking car pal from the '80s would be included in this scenario. And these are the sort of facts we can live with.


Perhaps KITT showed up unexpectedly to surprise his old coworker, maybe calling out to Hasselhoff from behind a velvet rope to wish him well, only to have Hasselhoff immediately run over and sit on him—just like old times? Or perhaps Hasselhoff always reserves a comp ticket for KITT, because he just likes peering into the darkness, knowing that KITT might be out there? Or maybe Hasselhoff insisted that producers rewrite Peter Pan so that KITT inexplicably appears next to him on stage at all times, so audiences will always know they're watching David Hasselhoff?

We don't know and we don't want to know. That's a weekday sort of question.

[via The Superficial]

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