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It's Friday, so here's a photo of a miniature Don Draper

Do you know why they call it "the weekend"? It's the end of the week, yes, this much is true. But it's also when our weakness, ends. We spend most of our days struggling under something else—a boss, an idea, a burden to provide. We're passengers, yoked to the wheel of life. But on the weekends, we take the wheel. We let it spin. We become strong again, and do what we want, be who we want to be. We put on our finest suits, and we pour ourselves a stiff glass of scotch, and we become men. We luxuriate in it. We draw power from it. We know that life is good. We sip our drinks and know that we are strong.

Oh, you’re 5 years old? Well, make it a tiny suit then.

[Flavorwire via UPROXX]


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