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It's Friday, let's take a tour of the Hello Kitty-themed bullet train

Photo: Rachel Murray (Getty Images)

Let’s face it: Sometimes you just want to get somewhere in the fastest, cutest way humanly possible. And until the day comes when we can finally welcome jet-powered unicorns into this poor, jet-powered-unicorn-deprived world, that pretty much has to mean the Hello Kitty bullet train that’s about to start running tomorrow in Japan.


Covering the distance between the Western Japanese cities of Osaka and Fukuoka, the train has been designed to help promote tourism in the region, and also—more importantly to the OMG CUTE-attuned parts of our brains—to be ridiculously pink and adorable. The bullet train (or shinkansen) carries its Hello Kitty identity inside and out, complete with Sanrio-branded seats and a special “KAWAII!” Room that promises to let passengers enjoy the excitement of traveling together with Hello Kitty.” 

The train is only expected to run for a month, though, so American cuteness fanatics had better start planning their trips ASAP. The rest of us will just have to mitigate our disappointment by screaming it out with our newest Sanrio pal, rageaholic red panda Aggretsuko:

[via CBS News]


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