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It's Freaky Friday, but with Vince Vaughn as a serial killer in Blumhouse's Freaky trailer

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Well, you can’t say director Christopher Landon doesn’t have a vision. With Happy Death Day and its sequel, the filmmaker mined a comedic concept for horror (without excising the comedic component). Now, he’s doing it again. Freaky takes the body-swap gimmick popularized by Freaky Friday and asks what might happen if a bullied teen girl switched bodies with a hulking serial killer. The bullies get theirs, that’s what happens—at least according to a new trailer dropped by Blumhouse today.


Blockers’ Kathryn Newton stars as that bullied teen, while Vince Vaughn plays the knife-wielding Butcher, who apparently wields a “mystical dagger” capable of triggering the supernatural mixup. Newton’s beleaguered Millie, trapped in the body of a middle-aged man, has 24 hours to get her body back before the switch becomes permanent. Still, that leaves plenty of time for the Butcher to flex his skills, which haven’t dulled within the teen girl’s body. Connor Roy, for example, appears to get his balls sawed off.

Speaking of balls getting sawed off, this trailer looks to be positively brimming with spoilers—in this case, teens getting comically slaughtered—so be aware of that before hitting play. Sometimes it’s fun to not know who dies!

Despite being perfect for the Halloween season, Freaky is coming out on Friday the 13 of November (likely due to all of this coronavirus business). But, hey, fear is a year-round business.

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