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If listening to “Baby Shark” makes you think not of babies and sharks but rather your impending death, then this cover of the popular kids song is for you. Sure, “Baby Shark” might have been a bop for a hot second, but now the song that’s way too easy for babies to sing along to has become nails on a chalkboard for any caregiver. YouTube channel Going Spaceward—a.k.a. musician David Sikabwe—wrote an emo ballad with lyrics that, following the original chorus, plumb the final thoughts of someone being eaten by a pack of sharks.

Just sit back and vibe out to this absolute jam, which ably channels the angsty joys of chipping away at your black fingernail polish as Mom tells you it’s time for dinner. She can wait for you to emote about bleeding on the ocean floor, your “life hanging from the thinnest string.” Powerful stuff, truly.


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