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It's Andy Muschietti to direct Attack On Titan anime adaptation

Good grief, he’s naked!
Photo: Rachel Murray (Getty Images for FUNimation Entertainment)

Less than a week after we declared that it’s time to forget about Akira or Cowboy Bebop and give some other anime shows a chance to be turned into ill-conceived, live-action movies from American filmmakers (a declaration prompted by Legendary developing a My Hero Academia adaptation), It director Andy Muschietti has signed on to direct a movie based on Attack On Titan—another relatively recent anime/manga hit. That comes from Variety, which says Attack On Titan will be Muschietti’s next project after It: Chapter 2, with Warner Bros. recently picking up the rights from Japanese publisher Kodansha.

For anyone who has missed Attack On Titan, possibly because you’re too busy trying to make a live-action adaptation of Akira with a bunch of white actors, it’s sort of a post-apocalyptic story about humans trying to defend their walled cities from giant monsters. The hook is that the giant monsters look like big naked people without skin, so Muschietti should be able to do something wild with that. Either way, this will be the second big-screen Attack On Titan adaptation, with director Shinji Higuchi making a Japanese version in 2015.


Now, Hollywood, let’s get an accomplished director like Muschietti on that Gundam movie (or maybe just cancel it to be safe).

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