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Although most of the FX-related news of late has been focused on serial killers and Charlie Sheen, the network would like to remind you that it also has other programming not filled with horrible people—or, at least, filled with horrible people you don't mind spending time with. FX's official fall schedule begins with the fifth-season premiere of Sons Of Anarchy on September 11, followed by the two-hour Sept. 14 premiere for The Ultimate Fighter Fridays, which we're pretty sure is about wives, yamIrightfellas? Always fighting… on Fridays… when you and your buddies want to… drink beer and… uh… *cough*.


On October 11, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia kicks off its eighth season paired with the fourth season of The League, making for an hour of bad decisions capped off by the network giving BrandX With Russell Brand another seven episodes. Finally, American Horror Story: Asylum debuts Oct. 17 with all the aliens, mutants, and Nazis you've come to expect from being told repeatedly that it will have aliens, mutants, and Nazis. And when that's all over, new episodes of Archer and Justified will be on deck for January and early February. Time! It's best measured in basic-cable programming.

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