The close of not-talking-about-the-Oscars season is officially nigh, as discussion of who might host next year's ceremony has already begun—this despite the fact that Billy Crystal's opening movie montage spoof finally ended only last week. And according to the L.A. Times, last year's retreat into the safe, controversy-free humor of Billy Crystal impersonating a black guy has given way, naturally, to yet another attempt to shake things up and extreme-ify it with a younger, relatively hipper host—in this case, Jimmy Fallon, who was said to be in talks to take over with his former Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels behind the camera.

Of course, no sooner had anyone begun to formulate opinions on Fallon bringing his easily excitable energy and probably some song parodies to the ceremony than Deadline's Nikki Finke TOLDJA-ed the shit out of the Times story, saying it would never, ever happen. According to her sources, the talks with Fallon began far too prematurely—not only in the sense that it's barely August, and no one really wants to start talking about the Oscars right now, but also because the Fallon/Michaels offer was the brainchild of exiting Academy president Tom Sherak, who tried to sneak in one last harebrained scheme to make the Oscars relevant again (or whatever) before he left office. Now that it's out there—and Disney/ABC has freaked out over the idea of giving such a huge TV platform to their biggest Jimmy Kimmel competitor—"the negotiations are dead," forcing the Times to get their own Sherak update concurring. So don't worry: We've likely still got several months worth of talking about who's hosting the Oscars ahead of us.