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Twisted Netflix series The End of the F***ing World returns next week following a first season that was so beloved even Netflix couldn’t believe it. “It was astounding how popular it was for us,” the streamer’s Ted Sarandos said last year. “On one level, it was a massive failure that we didn’t see it coming.” Well, hopefully they do this time around because the below trailer for the new batch of episodes looks as intriguing as it does crushingly sad.


Jessica Barden’s Alyssa is without Alex Lawther’s James this time around, and the existential weight of returning to her normal life appears to be huge. As Graham Coxon’s mournful cover of Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” unfolds in the background, Alyssa languishes in a wedding dress and toils away at a small-town diner. But a new character played by Rise Of The Skywalker’s Naomi Ackie looms on the horizon, promising a new twist.

The second season kicks off on November 5.

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