Lizzo hasn’t released a proper LP since 2015's Big GRRRL Small World, but that hasn’t stemmed the pop goddess’ meteoric rise. Following 2016's Coconut Oil EP, Lizzo’s dropped a number of singles, from “Truth Hurts” to “Boys” to “Fitness,” the latter of which seems to have influenced the video for her new single, “Juice.”

“Juice,” which evokes the neon-soaked ‘80s in both its bouncy beat and its kaleidoscopic visuals, hops between a spandex-clad Lizzo mid-workout to a pantsuited one hosting a chaotic infomercial. In between, the singer guests on a Letterman-esque talk show and sports some buoyant curls with a lotion-squirting hunk by her side. All told, it’s just about the perfect way to ring in the new year.


Watch it above.