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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a freaky new Brightburn trailer

Screenshot: Brightburn

James Gunn might be hard at work on a revamped Suicide Squad, but he’s also helping to steer Sony’s Brightburn, a horror riff on the Superman mythos, as the film approaches its May 24 opening. We saw a brief teaser in December, but the new trailer promises something even darker than we were imagining, presenting a movie that operates more like a slasher than a superhero flick.

Gunn is as a producer on the film, which was penned by his brother Brian and cousin Mark and stars Elizabeth Banks and David Denman as childless parents who come to parent a baby from outer space. Though coddled by his mother, the boy is mercilessly bullied at school, which brings out the dark side of his burgeoning powers. As the trailer demonstrates, he’s soon hunting down anyone who’s wronged him, with David Yarovesky’s direction often framing him as a sole, static figure, floating in air.


Watch the full trailer below.

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