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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood in this new Legends Of Tomorrow trailer

We’re not going to get regular new episodes of Legends Of Tomorrow until after Crisis On Infinite Earths has wreaked whatever havoc the Anti-Monitor has in mind for the CW multiverse, but we can still get hyped for the return of the decade’s 65th best show with this very good trailer. It starts off with the soon-to-be departed Brandon Routh trying to tap into the current Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood-mania, and from there it just gets more and more ridiculous. Of course, this is Legends Of Tomorrow, so being ridiculous is exactly what we should all be expect, but there isn’t really a better word for a trailer that has a gang riding scooters, some kind of prom horror, a Marshmello-style dude with a s’mores helmet, a headless woman on a rampage, some puppets, and… you know, a little blue angel named Beebo, The God Of War. Praise him.


Legends Of Tomorrow returns to The CW with season five on January 21.

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