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It's 3 p.m., so let's look into an alternate universe where Jason Segel starred in Superbad

Photo: Vince Bucci (Getty Images)

It’s Sunday! Let The A.V. Club briefly make use of the waning hours of your weekend with some pop culture ephemera pulled from the depths of YouTube.

Whether or not the rest of the movie is any good is debatable, but the first 40 minutes or so of Superbad—when it’s just kind of a goofy teenager hangout movie—are a lot of fun. Most of that comes down to the chemistry between Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who do a good job capturing the sort of single-mindedness of high school friends who really care about each other but are still too immature to really admit it. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg wrote the original script as teenagers, and Rogen was initially set to play Seth (Hill’s character) in the movie, but by the time they actually got a chance to make Superbad in 2007, he was too old to convincingly play a high schooler.

However, presumably before that decision was made, Rogen participated in a table read of the Superbad script that had him playing Seth and some other familiar faces playing the other characters. In this clip from the table read, Jason Segel plays Evan (Cera’s character), and—in a surprise appearance—Martin Starr plays McLovin. That makes it a Freaks And Geeks reunion, and while Segel doesn’t really work as Even, young Martin Starr is definitely perfect for McLovin.


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