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It’s not really fair to criticize the average Jeopardy! contestant, since even the smarted person could go in and get destroyed by its brutal rules and annoying insistence on quizzing people about European monarchies, but Wolf Blitzer wasn’t the average Jeopardy! contestant when he appeared on a celebrity edition of the show in 2009. Blitzer is a famous newsman on a legitimate news network, and CNN trusts him enough to use ridiculous holograms and touchscreens when reporting on crucial things like elections. In theory, Blitzer should’ve done reasonably well on Jeopardy!, if only because working in the news requires one to have a wide knowledge base. In reality, Blitzer got smoked, and his legendary Jeopardy! failure has been captured in this humiliating highlight video:

Blitzer ended the Double Jeopardy! round $4,600 in the hole, a score so bad that he had to get sympathy money from Alex Trebek so he could participate in the Final Jeopardy! round. Meanwhile, Andy Richter was putting in one of the most legendary Jeopardy! performances of all time, an achievement he actually spoke with The A.V. Club about back in November.


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