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It's 2019 and Fox News would really like you to remember an old Thatcher quote about socialism

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Fox News, fear-mongering hyenas feasting on the corpse of human decency that they are, are very upset by the concept of addressing wealth inequality in America. Latching onto the term “socialism” as a catch-all for their fear, misunderstanding, and outrage regarding the idea that a functioning society might want to institute policies to provide a decent standard of living for all its people, Fox hosts and pundits have naturally gravitated toward a shitty quote from Margaret Thatcher.

The popular version goes like this: “Socialism is great,” Thatcher says. “Until you run out of other people’s money.”


Obviously liking this sentiment enormously, Fox News has trotted it out time and time again, hoping to shut down any reasonable discussion with a short, horribly simplified Cold War-era bon mot. Noticing this, writer and producer Freddie Campion has compiled a short video of every time the network has used the quote, mixing them together into a mind-numbing two minute clip that feels much, much longer.

Featuring everyone from Mike Huckabee and Sean Hannity to Newt Gingrich and Mike “Will Not Share A Single” Pence, the video mashes up so many instances of the quote that different people end up starting and finishing versions of it until the clip turns into an eerie, hydra-headed, time and space-collapsing monstrosity.

Campion notes that he only used excerpts from “the last 3 years” because going further back would mean cutting together a video too long for Twitter. That there’s so much to draw from isn’t a surprise. Fox News does not like the idea of any nasty pinko nefariously suggesting programs diabolically meant to, say, provide universal access to health care or appropriately scale taxes so the fabulously rich must properly contribute to their society. Any whiff of socialism must be stamped out and only the ghost of Thatcher is up to the task.


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