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It'll take more than roses to win over iyla in her mind-bending music video, "Flowers"

When a relationship is especially rocky, gifts can only get you so far. Burgeoning pop/R&B singer iyla is really not interested in empty apologies and thoughtless gestures in the music video for “Flowers,” her latest release off of her 2018 debut EP, War + Raindrops. Iyla gorges on chocolates, casually bathes in petals, and remains unimpressed with her lavish surroundings as she proclaims, quite plainly, “fuck flowers.” It’s almost like she’d rather experience changed behavior, honesty, and genuine, sustained effort. Imagine that!


Teases of Alice In Wonderland-like imagery add a wonky twist to melodic pleas for space and a deeper understanding of what love actually looks like. (Spoiler: It definitely doesn’t look like a mountain of discarded roses.) The artist actually broke down the concept of the song and video for MTV News: “It’s about the idea that women will really accept gifts and material items in place of an apology. It’s like, oh, get me flowers or chocolates or whatever, but really there’s something else going on and you can’t just be honest with me!”

Iyla’s newest, highly stylized video marks another collaboration with director Embryo, who also worked on the color-pop wonder “Juice.” The video drew belated attention for its sleek and candy-coated aesthetic. You can check out that equally fun one below.