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It turns out a whole lot of people want to see the Harry Potter finale

The perfect storm of cultish devotion, marketing fervor, and inflated 3-D ticket prices that is the final Harry Potter has only just begun blowing through the world’s multiplexes, and already the film seems to have made off with more money than most movies will see in their entire runs. Midnight screenings have reportedly pulled in $43.5 million domestically and $82.5 million worldwide, making for a $142.7 million global take—easily shattering the previous record held by Twilight: Eclipse—and with pre-sales for the weekend continuing to climb, it looks like the film will most likely break the three-day opening record previously held by The Dark Knight, at which point you will have to ascend the ladder and ring the bell seven times, or whatever it is you do to commemorate the changing of box-office records. Deadline has the requisite tally-barf if you’re looking for specifics; it looks a lot like this: $$$$!!!$$$!$$!$$$$!$$$$!!!


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