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It sounds like Marvel is willing to wait on Ryan Coogler before making Black Panther 2

Photo: Black Panther (Disney, Marvel Studios)

Some Marvel movies, particularly early on, feel like they were constructed by Marvel Studios going down a list of important bullet points from the comics rather than being a personal work directed by an actual human, but the company does seem good at recognizing the benefit of allowing a filmmaker to put their stamp on something—at least until they make an Iron Man 2 or an Age Of Ultron. To that end, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige seems willing to sit back and wait until Ryan Coogler is ready before moving forward with a sequel to Black Panther, even though Feige could probably make some quick cash by just calling up a gun-for-hire director and dumping out a cheap sequel next year.

This comes from Collider, which caught up with Feige and got him to say that Marvel Studios is “actively” working on getting Coogler back for a second Black panther movie, but it’s still unclear when that might happen. He stresses that “a lot of it” depends on when Coogler wants to do it “and not rushing anything,” so it could be a while before we get to go back to Wakanda—not counting Avengers: Infinity War, which will finally be in theaters this week.


Of course, Feige also did recently say that he won’t announce any new Marvel movies until next year, so Black Panther 2 could actually be closer than he’ll admit.

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