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All the lonely people, where do they all belong? Sunday is Valentine’s Day, a holiday that can be rough on the Eleanor Rigbys of the world who don’t have a spouse or significant other to keep them company. What’s left to do on February 14? Drink an entire box of Franzia in the bathtub and weep over missed opportunities? Sure, there’s always that, but the canine boarding service DogVacay has an intriguing, if not exactly novel, alternative solution to the Valentine’s Day conundrum: Dress up some friendly pooches in little costumes and use them to reenact famous scenes from romantic movies. According to a press statement, the animals in these pictures are all owned by actual DogVacay employees and are described as the company’s “most playful office dogs.” They certainly make willing thespians. With just a little translucent pink fabric, a birthday cake with lit candles, and some meaningful eye contact, a dog steps easily into the lead role from John Hughes’ Sixteen Candles, perhaps even conveying some vulnerability that Molly Ringwald missed.


Grease is currently enjoying some cultural cachet thanks to Fox’s live production of the show. But DogVacay’s canine-themed reimagining of the old theatrical chestnut is bolder and more ingratiating.

And then? Well, then there’s the “draw me like one of your French girls” scene from Titanic, here interpreted as “draw me like one of your French bull dogs.” Bonus points are awarded for the tiny, dog-sized divan, as well as a convincing replica of the famous necklace from the movie.


An intended Love Actually tribute ends up bearing a strong, probably unintentional resemblance to those “dog shaming” photos found elsewhere on the internet.


And so it goes. Ghost, Pretty Woman, and (of course) Lady And The Tramp are given similar treatment by DogVacay. Further examples of the series are to be found here.

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