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It’s time to remake the 1991 killer-cat movie Strays

With online cat popularity reaching an all-time fever pitch (even Aubrey Plaza is in on the fun), it’s time to recast the Shaun Cassidy-written, made-for-TV movie Strays. We were reminded of this momentous film at A.V. Club headquarters today in the midst of a conversation of terrifying pop-culture pets. If you’re not aware, Strays is a semi-obscure gem from 1991 in which a bunch of stray cats terrorize an entire family. In fairness, IMDB insists the family—with Timothy Busfield as the doting dad —is “troubled,” so they probably had it coming.

Based on that horrifying trailer, which reminds viewers cats “have nine lives” and “we only have one” (rather unsettling odds, huh?), the cast for Strays: The Next Generation should be as follows:


Grumpy Cat as Menacing Cat Ringleader

Lil Bub and that guy who carries her around as Cat 2 and Cat 3


Pusheen and Pals as Killer Kitty Posse


Watch the full movie here to make your own casting choices:

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