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22 cycles of America's Next Top Model, and yet they never did one in space

Prepare to sob into your chiffon or tear up all of your back issues of Vogue because America’s Next Top Model is ending after twelve years, 22 cycles, and numerous references (mostly made by the show’s host) to Tyra Banks’ numerous magazine covers. Lest you think the CW tired of Banks’ smize and/or schtick, the former supermodel and Lindsay Lohan plaything (in a movie) made the decision on her own. Banks shared the news via electronic Tyra Mail on Wednesday.


Banks posted a lengthier note on her Instagram, in which she thanked viewers for watching her show, which she created to prove that “perfect is boring.” You can read the entire message now, if you need more of an explanation than just “it was time,” or you can wait to look over Banks’ words of encouragement—she thinks you’re “bootyful”—when you need them most.

Cycle 22 is already underway, and its season finale on December 4 will serve as the series’ end. There’s already talk of a “retrospective special” which we hope revisits the time Tyra asked the aspiring models to pose as Greek salads, or when she asked the contestants to do face-plants for her amusement, er, their portfolios. (They should probably skip the photo shoot that involved putting some of the models in blackface, though.) For now, we will leave you with one of Banks’ most memorable “Tyrades.”

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