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He's already got the suit (Blade)

Despite having already knocked out a trilogy, Wesley Snipes doesn’t seem to think the life’s been sucked out of the Blade mythos. In fact, the Blade originator and erstwhile The Player star has initiated a grassroots social media campaign—which is currently relegated to Twitter, because his verified Facebook page is for sharing Blade/Nino Brown-inspired fan art—to jumpstart a revival of the film franchise.

Snipes made his case in a plainspoken fashion, letting anyone reading his tweets know that he is “sharpening” his teeth in anticipation of taking a bite out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


However, Snipes acknowledged that he can’t simply will the project into (pre-)pre-production, no matter how well that might have worked out for Garret Dillahunt and Deadwood. But with that first tweet, the actor’s placed the ball squarely in Marvel’s court.

See? And while we can’t blame Snipes for wanting a chance to wipe the slate clean of Blade: Trinity, there are still a few, small details to work out, like whether he’d get another solo outing, or if the character could fit into the MCU. The film and TV adaptations (remember Sticky Fingaz?) didn’t have any crossovers, but in the comics, Blade was featured in the Civil War and Curse Of The Mutants storylines, so there’s certainly a precedent. Let’s just hope any reboot or revival steers clear of the Blood Raves.


[via Uproxx]

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