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It’s Rumor Time: There may be more than one Last Jedi

(Photo: @StarWarsSpain/Twiter)

One of the main points of speculation surrounding Episode VII: The Last Jedi has been whether the word “Jedi” is meant to be plural. But it seems that all one had to do to get an answer to that query is translate the title. Various countries’ official Star Wars Twitter accounts have been tweeting out the logo over the past few days, revealing that in other languages, multiple Jedi are involved in whatever is going on in the upcoming film. In Spain, the movie is called Los Últimos Jedi:


In France, it’s Les Derniers Jedi.

In Italy, it’s Gli Ultimi Jedi.


And in Germany, it’s Die Letzen Jedi.


All of these, though their articles and adjectives, refer to Jedi in the plural. So now guessing efforts can be centered around which Jedi are the ”last” rather than how many.

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