(Photo: Marvel)

With Sony intent on putting a standalone Venom movie into the world, rumors about just what that particular project will look like have begun to circulate. The general consensus? It won’t be for kids, which is fitting for a film about a parasitic villain. Collider reports that it is “hearing” that the studio wants to make it R-rated, following in the footsteps of Fox, which got grown-up with Deadpool and Logan. That assertion comes with a lot of qualifications, but also makes sense given both the character in play and the current superhero sub-trend.

Similarly, Screenrant is pointing out that the site My Entertainment World categorizes Venom as “Action / Horror / Sci-Fi,” meaning that it would presumably be scarier than your average Spider-Man adjacent flick. This also figures, given that Venom’s look alone is the stuff of nightmares. Still, all of this is incredibly premature, and entirely speculative. What we do know is that whatever Venom looks like—and mind you, there is no director or star attached yet—it won’t be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe where Spidey now resides.