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It’s Rumor Time: Prince’s music might be coming to Spotify and Apple Music

(Photo: Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Prince’s tunes, from “Little Red Corvette” to “Raspberry Beret,” have long been absent from all streaming services that aren’t Tidal, mostly due to the late artist’s reticence about getting paid less than he felt he deserved. With his estate in control now, it looks like that exclusivity is about to change.

Billboard is reporting that purple Spotify billboards and signs have popped up in New York’s Union Square subway station, potentially suggesting that Prince’s music will soon be on the streaming service. According to the music-centric publication, sources say that only Prince’s Warner Music catalog will be available on the streaming service, and that it could pop up as soon as the Grammys, which are happening February 12.

As Pitchfork reports, it’s not just Spotify, either. Sources have apparently told the site that “Prince’s music will be available on Apple Music very soon,” probably tied to a rumored Grammy tribute to the late singer.

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