Batman Forever

While there are plenty of things we know about the upcoming Wonder Woman—it stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, it’s being directed by Monster’s Patty Jenkins after Michelle MacLaren left due to the time-honored polite reason of “creative differences”—there’s still a few we don’t. Will she twirl around to magically transform into her costume as effectively as Linda Carter? Will producer Zack Snyder ensure everything is appropriately dour and un-fun? And, most crucial of all, is there a role for Nicole Kidman in it?

We can now answer that final question with a resounding “maybe” as The Wrap reports that Kidman is “in talks” to play an unspecified role in the DC superhero film. There’s no word yet on just what the role might be, but we’d be willing to put decent money on it being Hyppolyta, Queen of the Amazons, for the obvious reason that the character is also Diana Prince’s biological mother. Of course, it’s also possible she’ll play a gruff-but-fair police sergeant who’s always telling hotshot cops that they’re out of line, but damn it, they get the job done. That is also a possibility.


This would actually mark the second time Nicole Kidman has been in a superhero film. The first time was in Batman Forever, where the real-life Kidman displayed the extraordinary superpower of not dying of embarrassment via her involvement with Joel Schumacher’s contributions to that franchise. She can be seen in new film The Secret In Their Eyes first, where she will not be portraying an Amazonian queen.