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It’s Rumor Time: Michael Fassbender might be back as Magneto

(Photo: Alan Markfield/Fox)

The X-Men film franchise is as a crossroads at a moment, having recently debuted the final film starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in its most iconic roles. Meanwhile, the three-film contracts holding new stars Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, and Michael Fassbender in place reportedly expired with last year’s Apocalypse. That hasn’t stopped Fox from plowing ahead with plans for new movies, dropping New Mutants and the presumably Sophie Turner-starring Dark Phoenix onto its schedule. Now, there are hints that at least one member of the old team might stick around, with Fassbender hinting that he might reprise his role as magnetic master Magneto for Dark Phoenix.


This is per ScreenCrush, which quotes a tweet from MTV’s Josh Horowitz. According to Horowitz, he recently ran into Fassbender, who apparently suggested that he’d be making an appearance in Dark Phoenix (a film version of the classic X-Men storyline about Turner’s Jean Grey losing control of her powers.) Horowitz also noted that a podcast interview with Fassbender, presumably confirming, or at least supporting, this info will come out tomorrow. Dark Phoenix has yet to line up a director, although Simon Kinberg—a long-time producer on the franchise—is the frontrunner to step into the role.

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