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It’s Rumor Time: Jason Momoa might star in The Crow remake

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The latest attempt to film a remake of The Crow has been—to put it mildly—fairly troubled, but soon it might be getting back on track thanks to a powerful boost from a certain muscly Atlantean/Dothraki guy. That’s according to Mashable and its unnamed sources, which say that Aquaman star Jason Momoa is in talks to star in the Crow remake and has “figured out a way” to make it work with his current superhero schedule. None of that has been confirmed yet, but among the “evidence” is this photo that Momoa shared on his Instagram:


The photo is of Momoa meeting with filmmaker Corin Hardy, who is reportedly still attached to direct The Crow (despite a story from March saying otherwise), and it features hashtags like “#sealthedeal,” “#dreamjob,” and “#greatnewstocome” that all point toward Momoa being cast in something especially exciting.

If we assume that Hardy is indeed back on The Crow, then the photo does seem to indicate that Momoa will be starring in the film, but again, nothing here has been confirmed. For all we know, the deal they were sealing was something completely unrelated to The Crow and Momoa is just talking about a “dream job” and “great news” in a general, optimistic sense. But Mashable senior film reporter Jeff Sneider feels he has good reason to think Hardy and Momoa will soon be working on the film; he’s posted a bunch of tweets about his exclusive, including one that implies he’s been chasing the story for quite some time.


Some trade publications, including Variety, are also reporting on Momoa’s involvement. The A.V. Club did reach out to Hardy, but at the time of this writing, the director had not responded.

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