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It’s Rumor Time: Human resistance may have finally killed the Terminator series

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Though it was fairly lousy, 2015’s Terminator Genisys actually made a fair amount of money and desperately tried to reboot the series’ complicated timeline in a way that would allow for a more streamlined series of sequels. Still, it apparently wasn’t enough for Paramount, which has supposedly dropped all future plans for the Terminator series and even pulled a Genisys sequel from its production lineup. That’s according to a New York Daily News report, which says the information comes from an unnamed source with some knowledge of Paramount and its Terminator dealings. That means this is a rumor at best, but unless the studio announces a new Terminator movie in the next couple years, it seems pretty accurate.

Interestingly, this news comes just a couple months after we reported that original Terminator director James Cameron was in “early talks” to return to the series as an “adviser and mentor.” Also, some of the rights to the series will actually be reverting back to Cameron in 2019, so he’ll have more of a say in what happens to the Terminator brand than he used to. If the story about Paramount abandoning plans for a Genisys sequel are accurate, it could mean that the talks with Cameron didn’t work out and the studio doesn’t want to bother, or it could mean that the studio just wants to completely hold off until Cameron is able to come on board and start straightening things up.


We have no idea, but it seems like the world will have to go without a new Terminator movie for a while either way.

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