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It’s Rumor Time: Dwayne Johnson might play the Wolf Man in Universal’s monster mash

We mean, he's already met The Mummy (The Scorpion King)

No one keeps track of their wheelings and dealings quite like Dwayne Johnson, who’s become a one-man studio. Not only does he promote projects when he signs on to them, but he also treats his Instagram account as a trade publication like Deadline, trumpeting the cast additions to said projects before going on to “disrupt” shit in movies like the forthcoming Fast 8. Even before he was confirmed as Doc Savage, Johnson had teased his participation with an Instagram post about a new collaboration with director Shane Black.

But it’s Johnson’s very commitment to social media that makes it surprising to learn that the rumor about him playing the Wolf Man in Universal’s monster-movie universe didn’t start with the actor posting a picture of himself under the full moon. Instead, Deadline included it in a post about Johnson signing on to produce a film adaptation of the Son Of Shaolin graphic novel for Sony. Johnson is reportedly considering starring in that film as well, but the publication notes the “persistent rumors” about him playing the Wolf Man in Universal’s rebooted monster franchise that already includes Tom Cruise.


Johnson’s technically already part of that universe, having briefly appeared as the Scorpion King in The Mummy Returns and reprising the role in the spin-off film. We’d also like to point out that we totally called this, sort of, last month when it was reported that Johnson would be propping up a Robert Ludlum cinematic universe on his massive shoulders for Universal.

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