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It’s puppies versus droids in this Force Friday clip

While we still don’t know the plot specifics of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it could be worse than a romp between a half-dozen excitable puppies and BB-8, the spherical droid mascot of the new trilogy.

Vanity Fair produced the following video featuring Sphero’s remote controlled BB-8 that imagines a galaxy free of the Empire, only to face a new, greater threat of curious little puppies who just want to play. And sometimes hide behind a crashed Star Destroyer.


Sphero’s BB-8 is available today to coincide with Force Friday, the designated global merchandise launch for Episode VII toys. Finding one of the coveted items among the wreckage of Star Wars retail frenzy is questionable, but if you do, all you need is a few little fuzz-balls and you can make your very own all-practical effects Star Wars movie.

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