Mr. Monopoly does not approve of your undermining the capitalist system with his pro-capitalist game.

As so many A.V. Club readers can attest, just because people are technically “at work,” it doesn’t mean they’re actually working. Fortunately for those people, there are games you can play in Microsoft Excel—like real, actual games. Mashable just posted a roundup of six of the games, including what looks to be a honest to God adaptation of Monopoly that players can quickly minimize every time the boss comes near. There’s also a version of 2048, a 3-D maze, and Writer’s Block, which is promisingly described as “Scrabble meets Battleship.” And, of course, most of the games can be easily camouflaged to look like TPS reports, spreadsheets, or whatever innocuous looking business-style files wouldn’t raise red flags at your workplace.