Every once in a while the stars align, and in a recent A.V. Club editorial meeting we realized they were lining up beautifully. By sheer coincidence, we’d scheduled interviews with Steve Guttenberg, Police Academy star and author of the new memoir The Guttenberg Bible, and his erstwhile co-star in the Police Academy films, Bobcat Goldthwait, director of the new film God Bless America. Wheels began spinning, and from there we started to brainstorm other Police Academy-themed interviews and features we could create. Why? Well, why not? (Or, if you must have a reason, Erik Adams has pointed out that it is the 25th anniversary of Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol.) So, for the rest of the week, enjoy at least one Police Academy-themed piece of content per day. And, who knows, if it goes well we might have to do it again next year.