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Last October, this harsh, cruel world of ours was graced with an immensely cute Hot Ones episode featuring a very sincere, very candid Paul Rudd. Said episode soon spawned an equally cute Paul Rudd meme that briefly took over the internet.


Well, as it turns out, someone found a way to improve an already near-perfect piece of pop culture by doubling our number of Rudds. No offense to Hot Ones host Sean Evans, but this world needs all the Rudds it can get these days. It’s without further ado, then, that we present the always adorable Paul Rudd interviewing...the always adorable Paul Rudd.

While the video was uploaded to YouTube back in December as a riff on Rudd’s Netflix clone dramedy, Living With Yourself, it’s again making the rounds as a sad, accurate depiction of our quarantined life.


Alas, if only self-isolation was as satisfying and cheery as Paul Rudd dining with himself over flirty banter. It’s certainly much cheerier than reality, which found this author staring dead-eyed into a mirror this morning, quietly muttering, “Look at us...look at us...look at us...”

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