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Screenshot: American Horror Story: Trumpcare

The wounds are still fresh from the failure of the Trump administration’s plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. Half a week later, people are still sorting out what this all says about the unity of the Republican Party (bad), Trump’s ability to corral them into a cohesive set of policies (also bad), Paul Ryan’s ability to turn those policies into legislation (hilariously bad), and the Democrats’ ability to block Trump at least until they can get a few seats back in 2018 (possible!)—if not uncover enough evidence of a vast Russian conspiracy to oust him before then (unlikely).

And, while the Donald Trump outrage cycle typically moves in 24-hour increments—that is, the amount of time it takes for him to sluggishly dodder to the bathroom, see some cable news that makes him mad, and tweet something insane—it is worth lingering on this failure and drinking up what it says about the early days of this administration. “Lingering” is exactly what video editor and political cartoonist Vic Berger is best at, and his new “Rise And Fall Of Trumpcare” video retells the narrative with all the surreal, glowing, airhorn-filled effluvia it deserves.

The halcyon early days of the policy are soundtracked to relaxing video-game island-level music, but as Trump’s rhetoric attains increasing bluster his face turns an ever-increasing shade of ruddy orange. The most attention is paid to Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Saturday-night tirade against Paul Ryan, who pops up dabbing and blubbering as the incompetent underling that failed his overlord in this narrative. That this is also essentially the narrative of not just Donald Trump but the sober, respectful establishment news media only adds to the joy as the video fades out with sad Paul Ryan gazing into his own personal abyss. Maybe he’ll get emo next.


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