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It’s Muppets vs. Capcom in Sesame Street Fighter

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Today’s example that cooperation makes it happen: Coming together from across the Internet, designer Juan David Gómez, composer Jairo Pineda, and artist Matt Crane bring you the latest in typing tutorials and pop-culture portmanteau, Sesame Street Fighter. The browser game is a swiftly addictive blend of a Children’s Television Workshop-licensed educational game and a button-mashing Capcom fighter, in which Sesame Street/Street Fighter hybrids battle it out for true spelling supremacy. (Elmo is positioned as M. Bison, naturally, as both have a thing for red and harbor designs on ruling the la la la-la, la la la-la world.) It’s a stealthily brilliant concept, as the recurring words in each fighter’s vocabulary end up developing the flow and rhythm of Street Fighter combos. Pro tip: Don’t pick Oscar The Grouch—his Blanka-ized Sesame Street Fighter character requires players to type out words that are decidedly more difficult to spell than “Scram.”

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