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Hey, it’s Labor Day so Newswire is taking the day off to enjoy one last bit of summer sunshine. (After packing our EpiPens and slathering on some SPF 5000, of course.) We’ll be back tomorrow, laboring away at our keyboards so you can stay current on which celebrity ran their mouth this time, and maybe something about Netflix. In the meantime, enjoy our Inventory of 16 movies and TV episodes where the students ruled the school, as well as a review of Salman Rushdie’s new book, a Catwoman preview from our friends at DC Comics, a look back at the so-bad-it’s-good ’80s sitcom Small Wonder, and a new installment of our regular Podmass feature.

Until then, we’d like to thank the publicists whose labor produces press releases, some useful, some not so much.


And the photographers whose labor we cut up and put into Photoshop to make silly collages.

And the writers and directors and producers and actors and musicians whose labor produces interesting things for us to talk about.

And you, the commenters laboring away on pun threads and gimmick accounts. The A.V. Club wouldn’t be the same without you, so thanks.

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