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It’s “Jim Ryan” vs. Dwight Schrute in this mashup of Jack Ryan and The Office

It’s a premise so simple it’s just remarkable it took anyone this long to think of it. In his new Amazon series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, John Krasinski plays a CIA analyst who’s promoted from his boring desk job into a dangerous career in the field. Of course, Krasinski also spent eight years playing a mild-mannered paper salesman on The Office. And it turns out it takes relatively little effort to combine those two shows into a series that pits “Jim Ryan” against his terrorist nemesis Dwight Schrute. Funny Or Die has a deft editing hand when it comes to combining Jack Ryan’s first season trailer with footage from The Office, although, admittedly, it does help that there’s more footage than one might expect of Dunder Mifflin’s assistant to the regional manager firing a gun.


Still, there’s real effort that went into making this mashup as seamless as possible. Pasture-set footage from The Office’s failed backdoor pilot “The Farm” blends neatly with the outdoor party shown in the Jack Ryan trailer, while the snowy backdrop of “Classy Christmas” matches a snowy Jack Ryan locale. Of course, Dwight and Jim’s many prank wars take on a much more sinister edge when Dwight is recontextualized as a high-level security threat. But this mashup is also a good reminder that Krasinski already has experience playing an office-worker-turned-interrogator thanks to The Office’s classic episode “Drug Testing.”

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