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It’s Hannibal—but with puppets, jokes, and songs

As the series finale of Hannibal rapidly approaches, viewers who need more Will Graham, Jack Crawford, and the most stylish cannibal of all time have a new place to turn to fill that void. YouTube user Lil Friendys has posted an episode recap for each episode of the third season of the serial killer show. What sets these recaps apart is that Lil Friendys’ is done with puppets and humor.

“Hamibal,” as it’s called, features puppets of the main characters in short bursts that highlights the action of the episode, though they’re usually just making jokes. Perhaps puppets were the one thing missing from the show that could’ve made it a ratings hit and kept it on the air, but no one will ever know for certain. There’s a “recap” for every episode of the season, but here’s Will, Jack, and Hannibal in a conference call/song about discovering the identity of their main antagonist, the Great Red Dragon, from episode nine:

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