Just in time to celebrate another year of Comic-Con fatigue (and to celebrate the arrival of the highly anticipated film adaptation of Guardians Of The Galaxy), it’s Comics Week here at The A.V. Club. We kick things off today with a Firsties interview with writer/artist Becky Cloonan and the first of several A.V. Club-exclusive illustrated versions of Fan Up, this one from Drag Race illustrator Chad Sell. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, kicking off a week of great comics-themed content.

This week regular A.V. Club features like Inventory, Watch This, Hear This, Run The Series, Hatesong, Reading List, and Scenic Routes will all be comics-related or comics-adjacent. We also have some special features planned, like a Comics Roundtable featuring several bright stars from the business, and a For Our Consideration from comics writer Tim O’Neil. All the Comics Week pieces also have a fancy banner at the top, featuring characters from books by the amazing contributors we have onboard. So do yourself (and The A.V. Club’s Oliver Sava) a favor and check it out.